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Ex-Syrian PM Urges Creation of Kurdish State in Leaked Letter

Former Prime Minister Riad Hijab encourages the formation of a Kurdish state in letter to PYD leader Saleh Muslim
Ex-Syrian PM Urges Creation of Kurdish State in Leaked Letter

Syrian dissident Prime Minister Riad Hijab has sent a message to President of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, urging him to work towards the creation of a Kurdish state in Syria, offering guidance on acquiring international recognition.

In the beginning of his letter, which was leaked to the media, Hijab stressed his blessing to announce the establishment of an independent Kurdish entity inside Syria.

"By virtue of my profession as a prime minister, I learned that diplomatic channels and the foreign and international relations are the most successful way to achieve goals, as through these relations alliances are established, states are formed and regimes fall. You can achieve what you want to establish your state if you follow the logical way", Hijab added.

HIjab also urged the consolidation of relations with the United States, as it is instrumental to global stability, and would be less concerned in the creation of a state if its interest remained secure.

Hijab asked Muslim to win America's support by giving it investments and contracts for the exploration of oil and gas, thereby America would help Kurds on the birth of their state, opening the doors for regional and international organizations and councils to recognize it.

Hijab stressed that the achievement of a Kurdish state is not difficult, citing the experience of Massoud Barzani. "It's fine to take advantage of Barzani's relations with the West and Israel, and therefore Barzani can mediate in order to speed up the announcement of the Kurdish entity", Hijab said.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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