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Egyptian crisis is ‘strengthening’ Assad – Syrian FM

Moallem happy for the change of the political scene in Egypt
Egyptian crisis is ‘strengthening’ Assad – Syrian FM

The dramatic changes in Egypt are strengthening the position of President Bashar Assad in Syria, according to Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem, SANA reported Thursday.


“The political balance is tipping in favor of the national forces and the resistance axis with the change of the political scene in Egypt,” Moallem told a delegation of journalists and political analysts.


“The radical Islamic movement led by Turkey has received a major blow with the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This blow has left Turkey confused,” he added.


The Syrian official also said the war raging in his country and conflicts in other parts of the region served Israel’s interests.


“The Israeli interest in what Syria and the region is witnessing has become clear through the statements of [Israeli] officials that they will not let the resistance axis win,” Moallem said.


“Israel is happy about the escalation of terrorism in the region and over the destruction of the infrastructure and economy mainly in Syria and Iraq and Egypt,” he added.


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