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Education Minister Says Russian To be Taught in Schools

Russian will be offered from next year
Education Minister Says Russian To be Taught in Schools

The minister of education Hazwan al-Waz confirmed Monday that Syrian students will be taught Russian in secondary schools from the next study year.


Waz made the announcement during a visit to schools in Damascus schools to check on the first semester examination process.


He confirmed that when students reach the seventh grade, they will have the right to choose their second language, whether Russian or French.


Waz said that by the beginning of the next study year, the ministry will have completed preparations to teach Russian in schools, including the methodology and the teachers.


The minister said more than four million students are undergoing the first semester examinations as the ministry had previously scheduled.


Waz added that the continuation of education proved that Syria was able to confront terrorism and that the ministry is concerned with the futures of all Syrian children. He stressed that the mission of the ministry will require double the effort after the crisis ends.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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