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Editorial: The League of Ewes

The Qataris and Saudis were in shock after their defeat in Qusair
Editorial: The League of Ewes


The League of ewes has been convened in an emergency session in Cairo as to hatch another plot against Syria, and this time, ironically, in the name of Syrians themselves.


The ewes, in shackles after the Qusair purge, were still under shock, especially the Qatari and Saudi officials, who had gambled recklessly on Qusair.


A hollow, pre-determined statement was issued following the meeting – which can be considered no more than a face-saving effort after their flagrant intervention in the daily lives of the Syrians.


The ewes, whose hands are stained with blood, bribery and treason, are determined to dispatch the more of terrorists and extremists and mercenaries to terrorize Syrians, while shamelessly calling on the true defenders of Syria to halt their defense.


These ewes, who have appointed themselves on behalf of Syrians, even went so far in their dirty game as to self-appointed a government for Syria.


In fact, this league of ewes and pale-faces have no place in Syria and is not welcome.  It is a league controlled by the West, guided by petrodollars and sheikhdoms of no constitutional legitimacy, of darkness, sand, and ignorance . This league of conspirators should be dissolved and reconstructed as an Arab  – and only Arab  – national body.  As it is now, it is anything but not an Arab league.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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