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Editorial: Refrain from Supporting Terrorists and Cannibals

President Assad has been "guiding Librahimi to where and how to work for important steps and measures"
Editorial: Refrain from Supporting Terrorists and Cannibals

Any political solution to the crisis in Syria, mainly created and made by the ewes and greedy international powers, is conditioned to the halting of support to the terrorists on the Syrian ground, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad during his meeting with the UN Special Representative, Lakhdar Librahimi.


Thus, the message is clear; can Ibrahimi convince those countries supporting the terrorists and mercenaries on the Syrian ground to refrain from their destructive practices? These countries, including Saudi Arabia, US, France, and Turkey have been providing the terrorists with every logistic, financial and weaponry support and even before the crisis in Syria started.


The common features among these countries are many,  including their fear from the Syrian model of democracy and ballot boxes, fear from popular support to President Al-Assad ,  their crocodile tears shed for the Syrians at large, of whom the majority do condemn the flagrant intrusion of these countries in the Syrians' affairs, as well as their egoistic  colonialist  greediness to exploit Syria's richness.


So, President Al-Assad has been more than clear and transparent in kindly guiding Librahimi to where and how to work for important steps and measures, particularly those countries involved in the crisis,   as to prepare the conditions conducive to genuine dialogue and clear-cut mechanisms.


The Syrians themselves, and not those of other nationalities, though some of them are of Syrian origin, are liable to draw the future of Syria, the cradle of every civilization. The Syrians alone are to decide the future of any agreement to be reached to in Geneva 2, if convened. The Syrians with their legitimate representation on the ground in Syria are to decide and never ever those illegitimate beggars living abroad in their five-star hotels.


So, Personally I would suggest Damascus to be the place for Geneva 2. As long as the aim is claimed to be an end to the crisis, all would naturally agree to come and sit on the table and all would naturally refrain from supporting terrorists and cannibals. Those who claim to be the only legitimate representatives to the Syrians would prove here on the ground whether they have such a representation!


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