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Dr. Suleiman al-Awad Sent to Court for Criticizing Baath Official

An economics professor from Aleppo University was detained for posting critical comments of the Baath Party on Facebook reports Snack Syria.
Dr. Suleiman al-Awad Sent to Court for Criticizing Baath Official

The Criminal Security branch in Aleppo on Thursday detained Dr. Suleiman al-Awad, an economics professor at Aleppo University, based on a complaint by a Baath Party official.

A professor from Aleppo University close to the Awad family told Snack Syria he was, “detained following a complaint submitted by the secretary of the Baath Party branch at Aleppo University in his legal capacity, because of a post written by Awad on Facebook.”

In the post, Awad had criticized a member of the Baath branch command at the university and president of the economic office, Louay Shashati, because he issued a decision preventing the selling of bread individually to university workers, including professors, saying that the decision would impact them negatively and prevent them from buying bread at the bakery in the university campus.

The source said that Awad was detained on Thursday and that he still hadn’t been sent to the judiciary because of the weekend holiday.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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