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Doctors Syndicate Chief Reveals Insights About Coronavirus Deaths

The Chief of the Syrian Doctors Syndicate has said that a high number of doctor have died from the coronavirus, due to the high level of exposure that they experience writes Tishreen.
Doctors Syndicate Chief Reveals Insights About Coronavirus Deaths

The Chief of the Syrian Doctors Syndicate, Dr. Kamal Assad Amer, has spoken about the reason for the increase in coronavirus related deaths among doctors.

In an interview with Tishreen newspaper, Dr. Amer attributed the reason for the increase in deaths among doctors to the high-level of direct contact with patients over a 24-hour period. The more direct the contact, the more virulent the virus, according to Dr. Amer.

He pointed out that when a person is infected with the virus, the viral load is usually small, and the infection manifests itself in the form of mild symptoms. However, when one is exposed to a large viral load, the ability of the human body’s immune system to fight the virus lowers. The effort that some doctors exert and their commitment to their job reduces the doctor’s immunity, taking into consideration the paucity of adequate protection measures.

Dr. Amer stressed the need for the doctor to wear a protective suit with a face shield to cover the eyes, noting that one could potentially contract the virus through the eyes. Moreover, the doctor must have a cover for the nose and the mouth, which they should dispose of at the end of each examination. The masks and caps the doctor wears when they visit the patient are not enough, which means that low protection results in increased infections and deaths.

Dr. Amer added that now that the number of infections have decreased, providing protective gear should be a priority, and that the syndicate is following up on the issue with the ministries of Higher Education and Health.


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