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Defense Minister: Syria Doesn’t Bargain Over Right to Defend Its Sovereignty

General Ali Abdulla Ayoub held a meeting with the chief of staffs from Iraq and Iran where they discussed confronting the spread of takfiri terrorism reports The Syria Times.
Defense Minister: Syria Doesn’t Bargain Over Right to Defend Its Sovereignty

Defense Minister, General Ali Abdulla Ayoub, has affirmed that Syria doesn’t bargain over their right to defend its sovereignty and restore control over all its lands. 

In a press conference he held jointly with the Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, and the Chief of Staff of Iraqi Army, Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanmi, General Ayoub said the three men held very important and successful meetings, pointing out that, “the results of these meetings will help the three countries confront the challenges and dangers that emerged with the spread of takfiri terrorism in this vital area of the world.

“We don’t bargain or negotiate over our right to defend our sovereignty and we will re-establish control over every inch of Syrian land. The Syrian state will restore full control over its entire territory either through reconciliation or through military force and Idleb will not be an exception, as it is one of the four established de-escalation zones,” said General Ayoub, noting that the other three de-escalation zones have returned to Syrian state control. 

General Ayoub reiterated that the military presence of any country in Syria, without an official invitation by the Syrian state, is illegal and is an act of occupation, therefore, it is Syria’s right to defend its national security and sovereignty. 

“This right is recognized by all international laws and conventions,” he said, adding that preserving the Syrian state’s territorial integrity is non-negotiable.

“The Syrian army has enough strength to drive the American occupation forces out of the al-Tanf area, stressing that US troops and others will leave Syria,” Ayoub went on to say. 

For his part, Major General Baqeri said that security in the region is a collective issue that concerns all countries of the region. “We are ready to assist in confronting terrorism, because terrorists also pose a serious threat to Iran”.

“We affirm the need to respect the Syrian state’s sovereignty and will not allow any country to enter the Syrian territory illegally,” he added.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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