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Defense Minister Highlights Western Powers’ Role in Destabilizing Nations at Moscow Conference

In Moscow, the Defense Minister conveyed Syria's profound gratitude towards Russia, according to al-Baath.
Defense Minister Highlights Western Powers’ Role in Destabilizing Nations at Moscow Conference

Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Ali Mahmoud Abbas asserted on August 15, 2023, that numerous nations have borne the brunt of the colonial Western powers’ malevolence, with the United States and its allies deliberately fomenting conflicts and aiding terrorist entities to dismantle nations like Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Syria. These countries have languished under this aggression and terrorism for over a dozen years.

Speaking at the 11th Moscow International Conference, Maj. Gen. Abbas underscored the world’s current trajectory of escalating disputes and conflicts across various regions. He emphasized the pressing need for concerted and effective cooperation to achieve the heightened security conditions both he and his constituents aspire to.

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This consequential gathering exemplifies Russia’s and President Vladimir Putin’s resolute commitment to fortifying global security and stability. Maj. Gen. Abbas highlighted this stance as paramount in a time when regional disputes and conflicts are on the rise worldwide.

He underscored the pivotal role of the region in establishing international stability, affirming that the geopolitical significance of any given region profoundly shapes the interrelationships, structure, and objectives of the nations within it.

“After our armed forces, aided by our allies, triumphed in repelling aggression and significantly eradicating terrorism, certain nations have waged an economic war and imposed a suffocating siege upon the Syrian population,” Abbas added.

The minister detailed that the Western coalition led by the United States has forcibly occupied vital territories within Syria, exploiting the nation’s resources and bolstering both terrorism and separatist factions in alignment with the coalition’s colonial ambitions.

Abbas clarified that the Turkish occupation of Syrian regions and its reprehensible actions within those occupied territories constitute a blatant violation of international norms and a stark assault on a sovereign and independent state.

Furthermore, he elucidated that the most substantial threat to regional security and stability arises from the Israeli occupation entity, which, in partnership with the United States, is pivotal in the region’s tumultuous state.

Maj. Gen. Abbas conveyed Syria’s profound gratitude towards Russia and all influential nations worldwide for their tireless efforts against global threats and hazards, particularly in countering the hostile policies of the United States and its attempts to monopolize international decisions.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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