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Daraa: Three Assassinations in One Day

One person was killed and four others were wounded on Sunday during three assassination incidents in the city of Nawa, according to Zaman al-Wasl.
Daraa: Three Assassinations in One Day

One person was killed and four others were wounded, on Sunday, during three assassination incidents in the city of Nawa, west of Daraa. 

The Ahrar Houran Gathering reported that two individuals, Abdullah Munir al-Khatib and Nizar Rizk Sawan, were targeted by unknown assailants who fired direct bullets. Sadly, al-Khatib was killed while Sawan sustained injuries.

According to the Ahrar Houran Gathering, Sawan leads a group that is affiliated with the State Security Branch and is involved in drug trafficking, extortion, and looting. He was previously targeted in an assassination attempt on April 3 in the city of Nawa. Al-Khatib, on the other hand, has been accused of involvement in drug trade and promotion, as well as carrying out dismemberment operations and extorting civilians.

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Another assassination took place in the city, resulting in the injury of Khaled al-Qablawi and Majd Mohammed al-Shara’ from gunshots, as reported by the group.

Sources from the gathering have accused al-Qablawi and al-Sharaa of being involved in the drug trade and promotion in the city.

In the third targeted assassination, Fouad Abdullah al-Qarazeh, a 60-year-old employee of the Nawa Municipal Council and member of the Baath Party branch, was shot and wounded.

According to reports, there has been a recent surge in assassinations of drug dealers and traffickers who work for the Assad regime and Iranian militias in the Daraa governorate.

Targeting a senior State Security officer 

According to a correspondent from Zaman Al-Wasl, Colonel Salem Tarraf, the head of the State Security Branch in the city of Al-Sanamayn, was targeted by gunmen and sustained serious injuries. He was subsequently transferred to a hospital for treatment.

The attack, which involved the use of machine guns, occurred in close proximity to the military point and checkpoint located near the “Mustafa complex,” according to the correspondent. The area had reportedly experienced intense clashes and significant deployment of reinforcements by Assad’s forces.


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