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Damascus First Attorney-General Issues 3 Arrest Warrants in Absentia against al-Hariri, Saqr and al-Mikdad

Damascus First Attorney-General Issues 3 Arrest Warrants in Absentia against al-Hariri, Saqr and al-Mikdad


12/12/2012 – Damascus First Attorney-General Mohammed Marwan al-Loji issued three arrest warrants in absentia against the Lebanese MPs Saad Eddin al-Hariri and Oqab Saqr and the Syrian citizen Loai al-Mikdad.

In a statement to SANA, al-Loji said that the crimes committed by these people are terrorist crimes and those involved in them are terrorists which makes them liable to the international law on terrorism.

He added that any state where those wanted men exist should hand them over to the Syrian authorities to be prosecuted, indicating that the failure to implement any of these warrants constitutes a breach of the international law.

The First Attorney-General said that the Public Prosecution was informed about the records which revealed the involvement of al-Hariri and Saqr in providing money and arms to the terrorists in Syria and the death of some terrorists sent by al-Hariri and Saqr on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

He added that the Public Prosecution has filed a public interest litigation against the two Lebanese MPs and the Syrian citizen involved with them to take necessary procedures and start collecting evidence and investigation reports in this regard.

Al-Loji said that it was the duty of the Lebanese authorities to lift the parliamentary immunity of the involved MPs and refer them to the Lebanese justice or hand them over to the Syrian justice in terms of the agreements signed between the two sides.

He added that the Public Prosecution continues collecting evidence and follows up on what has been revealed regarding any statements or recorded phone calls, pointing out that a public interest litigation will be filed against anyone who proved to be involved in terrorist acts in Syria.

Lebanese National Media Agency announced Tuesday that the Interpol at the Lebanese Interior Security received via web arrest warrants form the Syrian Judicial authorities against Saad al-Hariri, MP Uqab Saqr and Spokesman of the "Free Army" Louai al-Mikdad on charges of arming this "Army".



This step is one among the current legal dispute between the Syrian and Lebanese judiciaries. Last Saturday, the Lebanese Government deputy Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Sami Sader charged on Saturday ex-Information Minister Michel Samaha and Syrian security Chief Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk with forming a group to commit crimes in Lebanon. The two were also charged with plotting to assassinate political and religious figures. The Syrian step comes at a response to that judicial escalation. 

However, the Lebanese response did not wait for long. First Military Investigative Magistrate Riad Abu Ghida raised a request for the presence of Syrian Major General Ali Mamlouk and his assistant Colonel Adnan for January 14, 2013. As for Political and Media Adviser to President Bashar al-Assad, Buthayna Chaaban, Ghida is yet to set a date. The session will be held for interrogative purposes with the request sent through official channels.



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