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Damascus Commercial Activities Halt Amid Tax Crackdown

Leaked report purportedly shows huge government spending on automobiles as customs officials raid commercial districts in an attempt to curb tax evasion
Damascus Commercial Activities Halt Amid Tax Crackdown

The pro-regime al-Watan newspaper reported that the majority of commercial centers in Damascus have suspended activity due to fears of raids and hefty fines by Customs Bureau employees on charges of selling goods without paying tax.

The newspaper expressed fears that some traders will resort to raising the prices of their goods due to the increased tax as the government is unable to control the market, instead focusing its attention on the fight against smuggling.

Meanwhile, a leaked document purportedly shows the Ministry of Internal Affairs consumed over two million liters of fuel a year on cars, while the majority of Syrian people continue to suffer from a shortage.

The official document revealed the total number of cars that belong to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, how much fuel they consume per month, and the number of vehicles serviced within two years, according to Zaman al-Wasl newspaper.

The document issued by the Director of Administration Affairs in the Syrian Ministry of Internal Affairs reveals that a total number of ministry vehicles sits at 12,886.

The document submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs claims total fuel consumption reached more than two million liters per month – nearly 1.6 million liters of gasoline, and about half a million liters of diesel.

The Assad regime recently launched an anti-corruption campaign focusing on the prosecution of commercial activities in a move aimed at tackling the decline in the regime's financial resources.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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