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Damascus International Airport Resumes Activity after Israeli Bombing

This decision comes after necessary repairs were carried out to address the damage inflicted by Israeli airstrikes, Enab Baladi writes.

The Syrian government has announced the resumption of operations at Damascus International Airport as of noon on Wednesday. This decision comes after necessary repairs were carried out to address the damage inflicted by Israeli airstrikes on the airport the previous week.

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 12th, Israel conducted simultaneous missile strikes on the international airports of Aleppo and Damascus, resulting in damage to their airstrips and rendering them non-operational.

The Syrian state news agency, SANA, quoted an unnamed military source who reported, “At approximately 13:50 on Thursday afternoon, the Israeli enemy carried out a coordinated missile attack on the international airports of Aleppo and Damascus, causing significant damage to their runways, forcing them out of service.”

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On October 13th, the Syrian Ministry of Transport announced the reopening of Aleppo International Airport, effective the following morning. The ministry stated that air traffic at Aleppo Airport would resume after repairs were made to address the damage caused by Israeli airstrikes.

The announcement also indicated that airlines could schedule flights and manage passenger services through Aleppo Airport. Additionally, Latakia International Airport would continue to operate as an alternative to Damascus International Airport, which was still undergoing repairs to address the damage caused by the simultaneous Israeli attacks.

Subsequently, on October 14th, Israeli aircraft once again targeted the airport, resulting in its closure. However, the Ministry of Transport reported that the airport was able to resume operations on October 16 after necessary repairs were made to the runway.

Simultaneous bombardment 

According to a “high-ranking” security source who spoke to the Russian agency Sputnik on condition of anonymity, Israeli aircraft launched several missiles from over the occupied Palestinian territories, targeting the vicinity of Damascus airport. Simultaneously, other planes fired guided missiles at Aleppo International Airport from positions over territorial waters off the Syrian coast.

In a rare admission, the Israeli army spokesman, as reported by Channel 10, confirmed that the airstrikes on the airports in Aleppo and Damascus were a direct response to mortar shells fired from Syria. The spokesman also issued a warning of further strikes on additional targets in the coming days.

As a result of the bombing, the plane carrying the Iranian foreign minister had to alter its course and return to Tehran since it was unable to land at Syrian airports, according to a diplomatic source cited by Sputnik.

This marks the second such incident in October. On the 3rd of the same month, Israeli warplanes conducted an airstrike in eastern Syria, specifically targeting military sites near Deir-ez-Zor governorate. This attack resulted in injuries to military personnel, as reported by SANA.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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