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Crisis Within the Syrian Opposition due to Former Qatari Minister

Statements by the former Qatari Prime Minister resulted in a crisis inside the Syrian opposition, according to al-Hal Net.
Crisis Within the Syrian Opposition due to Former Qatari Minister
Crisis Within the Syrian Opposition due to Former Qatari Minister

After statements by the Qatari Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Hamad bin Jabr al-Thani that a majority of the Syrian opposition was present for the sake of business and power, the opposition community witnessed a suspicious silence that carried much confirmation of the Qatari minister’s words.

The only figure who was among the opposition parties in the Syrian political scene at the time before 2013 is Samir Nashar, who spoke on his Facebook page more than once, the last of which was on Saturday.

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“It is not important for Dr. Burhan Ghalioun to defend the opposition by accusing the Qatari minister that we are infiltrated by the Syrian regime,” Nashar said.

Nashar abstained from making a statement to al-Hal Net. We also did not receive any response from Ahmed Ramadan, a former executive office member of the opposition Syrian National Council before 2013. He is one of the figures indirectly referred to by the former Qatari prime minister, Hamad bin Jassim.

Samir Nashar said on his Facebook page: “Qatar has since wanted to confiscate the independent Syrian national decision and impose guardianship on the opposition forces and the revolution. This is what it also did to form the coalition and impose Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib as president and Mustafa al-Sabbagh secretary-general. I will later try to clarify what happened in that meeting between members of the Executive Office of the Syrian National Council and the Qatari Foreign Minister, which was held in mid-February 2012.”

While Syrian writer and journalist Firas Allawi told al-Hal net, “I think that Sheikh Hamad’s statements, even if they contain some kind of truth and he speaks very frankly, however, contained a tone of exoneration for a stage where he was the most prominent supervisor. “

“I mean generalizing his statements using exceptions, but by suggesting that the Syrian opposition was a failure to this degree, this speech condemns him primarily, considering that he was one of the supervisors or architects of the formation of this opposition,” Allawi said. 

“There was supposed to be an official response from the opposition National Coalition, but we know that this coalition does not have the full decision itself, and there are already divisions within the coalition itself, from different currents, including those supported by Qatar, so I haven’t responded,” he said.


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