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Coronavirus Vaccine in Syria not in the Offing

As the coronavirus continues to spread across Syria, Dr. Essam al-Amin has warned that a vaccine is unlikely to reach Syria anytime soon reports Syria Steps.
Coronavirus Vaccine in Syria not in the Offing

The General Director of al-Mouwasat Hospital in Syria, Dr. Essam al-Amin, said that the coronavirus vaccine will need a long time to reach Syria, noting that its rollout in major countries is still limited, and people of older age will benefit from it first. Amin pointed out that taking preventive and precautionary measures is the only weapon currently in existence in the face of the virus.

Amin emphasized that until now, no one knows when the second peak will be reached. The peak is the stage when the number of positive cases reaches the maximum before it begins to dip. The number of infections has increased more than threefold compared to October, which recorded 15 cases per day.

Coronavirus, seasonal influenza, bird, and swine flu symptoms are all similar, and all of them occur during the winter. What helps in telling them apart is the PCR test. Coronavirus patients are admitted to isolation rooms, while critical cases are admitted directly to intensive care.

Amin spoke of the increase in capacities as of the beginning of November at al-Mouwasat, in line with the epidemiological curve, as there is now a joint emergency room between the Ministries of Higher Education and Health, with the aim of distributing the beds and intensive care units to include all private and public hospitals with the exception of the al-Assad University Hospital, which does not admit coronavirus cases. He revealed that al-Mouwasat Hospital has not stopped admitting emergency cases, as there is a balance between the number of emergency cases and coronavirus cases.


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