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Coronavirus in Syria: Government’s Measures to Maintain Public Safety

After messages from doctors regarding the coronavirus were leaked, a member of the central committee has insisted that there is no pandemic in Syria and the government is taking measure to protect the public writes Al-Watan.
Coronavirus in Syria: Government’s Measures to Maintain Public Safety

A member of the central committee established to follow up on the developments of the new coronavirus in Syria, Dr. Mazen Kseibati, confirmed that what was circulated on social media regarding the pandemic are merely subjective views exchanged in WhatsApp groups created by Syrian doctors. 

He said the discussions were leaked and presented as though they were media statements.

Kseibati said he was surprised by the audio message that was leaked from a WhatsApp group of 150 doctors.

There’s no pandemic in Syria, he said, noting that virus infections are recorded annually. Without taking the necessary tests, no one in the world can distinguish between flu and cough caused by the new coronavirus or those caused by any other virus, he stressed.

“My point is that virus infections take place every year, with or without corona. This has been put on the table to simply say that the infections we were dealing with might have been coronavirus infections and could as well not be,” Kseibati said, noting that the issue has sparked a debate between Syrian doctors.

He assured that there is no need for panic, stressing that the government took measures it deemed necessary to protect the public’s health.

“Viral infections dissipate as we move from spring to summer. The new summer season is almost here,” Kseibati added.


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