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Committee Discusses 2014 Budget and Trade

Committee calls for positive interference to ensure basic goods are provided to all Syrians
Committee Discusses 2014 Budget and Trade

The People's Assembly Budget and Accounts Committee on Sunday discussed the investment plan of the Economy and External Trade Ministry for 2014.

The budget is estimated at 78 million Syrian Pounds.


Members of the committee called for ensuring a suitable environment for the external trade and facilitating import and export to achieve balance between supply and demand as well as price stability.


Minister of Economy and external trade Khuder Orphally said that all available options were being employed to provide the necessary goods, particularly the food and medical materials to citizens.


For his part, the Minister of Finance, Ismael Ismael said that the value of the credit line with Iran has reached at $1 billion for food materials, while the import of nutritional goods had reached only at $70 million.


Later, the committee discussed the budget investment plan for internal trade and consumer protection for 2014, estimated at 2.8 billion SP.
Members of the committee called for providing the basic needs and goods to all citizens at lower prices.


Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Samir Kadi Amin said that the positive interference with institutions could ensure the necessary goods and materials to all citizens with lower process and in sufficient quantities.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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