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Coalition:Hezbollah Should Withdraw From Syria for Stability in Lebanon

Coalition:Hezbollah Should Withdraw From Syria for Stability in Lebanon

President of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, has hailed efforts made to defuse the crisis in Arsal, home to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


A 24-hour truce was put into effect early on the morning Sunday, allowing the withdrawal of the militant groups to Syria and the entry of Red Cross teams to evacuate the wounded and deliver relief aid to the town.


The truce was brokered through a committee of the residents of Arsal, the Muslim Scholars Association and the Red Cross, who will guarantee that "no armed forces will enter the town, and that the Lebanese armed forces are the only side whose task will be restoring security and stability."


Bahra stresses that the Coalition has been closely following the situation in Arsal and communicating with humanitarian and relief organizations in the town, in addition to discussing the situation with several parties in the Lebanese government and parliament.


Bahra also said that he “regrets the attempts of some parties to thwart the efforts towards solving the problem peacefully", pointing out that the only solution that ensures the stability of Syria and Lebanon is "through pressuring Hezbollah to stop sending its sectarian militias to fight alongside regime forces, in violation of all international conventions and human rights laws".


Bahra concluded his remarks “hoping the return of security and stability to Lebanon," stressing that the Syrian Coalition firmly stand against any attempts by the terrorist organizations to destabilize the two countries.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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