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Coalition Urges US-led Alliance to Support FSA Factions in Fight for Raqqa

SNC warns US-led alliance of support for Kurdish forces, citing links to the Assad regime and its allies
Coalition Urges US-led Alliance to Support FSA Factions in Fight for Raqqa

The Syrian National Coalition has called on US-led international coalition forces to offer air support to all Free Syrian Army factions that have declared their readiness to free Raqqa city from the grip of the Islamic State.

It stressed that arming the FSA is the most important condition to protect civilians from the crimes of the Assad regime, adding that it will also assist civilians in administering their own towns and ensuring a return to normalcy.

The Coalition also warned of the continued support to Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) militias, that are connected to the Assad regime and its allies, which are committing crimes against Syrians and have been accused of committing war crimes according to international reports.

In a statement, the Coalition said, "Any local or foreign force that tries to use fighting terrorism as a context to achieving their own goals will be considered a new colonial project that aims to break the will of Syrians."

The Coalition warned of further similar crimes as the alliance operations serve the interests of PYD militias, which contradicts the desires of the Syrian people.

Syria’s main political opposition called upon the US-led alliance to guarantee the right of all displaced people to return to their homes and villages and to enable them to administer their own towns through elected local councils. It also urged the alliance to guarantee that there would be no military or security interference of any kind.

The coalition demanded that the military operations would not be used to make any demographical changes. It also called for confirmation that there will be no military or security presence in any of the liberated areas, unless from the residents or Free Police forces.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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