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Coalition to Undergo Major Reform

Jamous said as the legal representation of all Syrians, the Coalition must be protected
Coalition to Undergo Major Reform

The General Secretary for the Syrian National Coalition, Badr Jamous, has confirmed that the Coalition has started very important and serious steps toward re-organizing and reforming its interior structure.


Jamous told Zaman al-Wasl that Coalition has begun serious steps towards reform. He admitted that the opposition's administrations have been suffering from structural problems and that it needs to avoid delay in addressing mistakes, in order to deliver its best organizational performance.


Jamous explained that General Secretariat, despite these internal problems and despite being let down by the international community, has been successful in establishing different sections to deal with humanitarian and aid and to follow-up non-administrative and political matters.


He explained that the interior sections tried to recruit effective young activists into the Coalition and suggested organizing a general meeting with activists from inside Syria to lessen the gap between those inside and outside the country and enable Syrians to be listen to and try to sort out their problems through the Coalition and it organizations.


Jamous confirmed that the Coalition is trying to deliver the best service and representation for Syrians in all events, via its new structure and clear relationships with the Interim Government and the Aid Coordination Unit.


Jamous confessed that he has been one of the Coalition's greatest critics, but said he is keen to mend it from inside. He recommended avoiding division and personal agendas, and hoped that main aim would be remain support for the Coalition to help it to become stronger and better, as it is the legal and representative organization for Syrians and must be protected.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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