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Coalition Leader Urges Members to Avoid Partisanship

New disagreement over Ahmed Toumeh's formation of the Interim Government cabinet
Coalition Leader Urges Members to Avoid Partisanship

The head of the Syrian National Coalition on Saturday called on the Syrian opposition’s members to avoid polarization and partisan loyalties in order to form a new government.


Hadi al-Bahra, in a statement to Zaman al-Wasl, said the new interim government should include Syrian youth who are able to work inside the war-torn country.


Last Friday saw new discords among the Coalition members, who met in their regular meeting in Istanbul, over Ahmed Toumeh's proposed formation for the new cabinet.


Toumeh wanted to bring back to the scene the "stubborn" general Salim Idriss to lead the defense ministry after a series of disputes over his former leadership of the Supreme Military Council of Free Syrian Army. The step prompted many to express their discontent.


The Interim prime minister also wanted to keep four ministers from the caretaker government for his new one. Toumeh has also cancelled the ministries of culture and energy, adding the foreign and the interior ministries instead.


The Coalition leader said the Syrian decision should be made by Syrians inside and abroad, and that the Coalition decisions should reflect the aspirations of Syrian people and reach their expectations.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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