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Coalition Hands Over Document Outlining Transitional Government

Safi accuses the regime's insistence on Assad as lacking patriotism
Coalition Hands Over Document Outlining Transitional Government

The delegation of the Syrian National Coalition at Geneva has handed the regime delegation a document detailing mechanisms for the formation of a transitional governing body without Bashar Assad. 


The mechanism described will lead Syria into democracy and political multiplicity, the spokesman of the Syrian National Coalition Louayi Safi said.


In an exclusive statement to Coalition's media office, Safi criticized the regime delegation's insistence on keeping Assad.


"The Assad delegation's insistence on the supremacy of a person over a country is something that lacks patriotism", Safi said.


"It is so strange to consider the personal interests more important than Syrians' blood. The equivocation practiced by regime's delegation to avoid the transformation of Syria from tyranny to democracy shows that the regime is not serious towards the political solution," he added.


Safi described the behavior of regime's delegation as a "politically bankrupted delegation who seeks excuses to ignore the commitment to the main terms of Geneva I".


"It seems that Assad's regime doesn’t want to fight terrorism, as it is one of the bases of regime's military governing method, especially after the scandal related to its relation with ISIS, which was created by its security forces and which the Free Army tries to eliminate from all the Syrian regions," Safi explained.


Concluding his statement, Safi said the Assad regime has tried throughout the negotiations to "use the excuse of terrorism to displace the people of besieged Homs, instead of opening the path for medical aid to reach them".


"But the Coalition refused the displacement of Homs civilians and consideres the regime's goals part of a plan to change the demography of the region in order to achieve political and military goals; steps to stabilize its authority at the expense of Syrian people".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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