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Coalition, Free Syrian Army Chiefs ‘Let Us Down’

Activist details humanitarian situation inside Homs
Coalition, Free Syrian Army Chiefs ‘Let Us Down’

A member of the opposition Local Coordination Committees in Old Homs, Abu Bilal al-Homsi, has detailed the humanitarian and security situation in besieged quarters of Homs in an interview with al-Iqtissadi.


The activist said 14 quarters are besieged by regime forces, the most important being Khalidiyeh, Jorat al-Shayyah, Bab Hood, al-Qusur and al-Qarabees.


The activist said some 800 civilian families are still holed up in the besieged  neighborhoods and said there is no way for them to get in or out.


He also said those inside have received no medical aid or any help in transporting the wounded for some time.


Regarding efforts by international humanitarian organizations to gain access to the city, Homsi said "The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and other international organizations follow the international community… and the international community is hypocritical."


He said 500 children are among civilians remaining in the besieged Homs quarters, with no access to basic needs and food stacks.


He said the quarters are under constant threat from sniper fire, regime checkpoints, and loyalist quarters.


Responding to questions about the level of coordination and communication with the Syrian National Coalition and the humanitarian units working with it, Homsi said besieged Homs doesn't recognize the Coalition, its humanitarian unit, nor the Free Syrian Army staff.


“So how do you want them to support us?" he asked.


Residents of the besieged neighborhoods are dependent on generators, using them for 1-4 hours at night to recharge electronic devices used for activism work to upload videos and operate water pumps.


He added that rebels have taken control over a ton of grain from some mills in Khalidiya, which they are using to bake bread, delivered weekly. The amount, however, is only just enough to cover needs, he said.


Homsi said he believes humanitarian organizations have let the people of Homs down and accused the Coalition and Free Syrian Army Chief-of-Staff of conspiring against them and of collecting donations for their personal benefit.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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