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Coalition Dismisses Haraki Following Sectarian Remarks

SNC agrees to drop Haraki following controversial statements supporting ISIS' attack on a civilian Alawite town
Coalition Dismisses Haraki Following Sectarian Remarks

The Syrian National Coalition has dismissed Suleiman Haraki in response to his recent remarks on the ISIS assault on the village of al-Maboujah in the countryside of Hama.

ISIS forces stormed al-Maboujah village in the countryside of Hama on March 30, killing dozens of civilians including women, children and elderly. The official number of victims is still unknown, but opposition sources claim up to 40 people were killed while the fate of dozens more remains unknown.

Haraki, a National Coalition member, announced on his Facebook page shortly after the massacre that he supported ISIS storming the village. "Some are brazenly mourning the Alawite village of al-Maboujah, which had been stormed by ISIS. Those same persons will mourn Qardahah and Sahlab if they were stormed, too. Hypocrisy and lying have become a religion for those who claim loyalty to the opposition", Haraki wrote.

Haraki's statements raised a wave of discontent and criticism towards the Coalition, where the Coordination Committee of as-Salamiyah city sent a public message to the Coalition denouncing Haraki's statements, demanding the Coalition take a position in response to his claims.

Coalition member Samir Nashar said: "Coalition president Khaled Khoja sent the message of the Coordination Committee of as-Salamiyah city to members of the Coalition to reach a decision regarding Haraki's remarks. The Coalition members of different political and sectarian affiliations condemned not only the crime of the Islamic State but also the statements of Haraki, who supported the massacre committed by ISIS in al-Maboujah".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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