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Civil Activist: Security Grip Restricts Revolutionary Work in Syria’s Salamiyah

As the Syrian war reaches the end of its first decade, the government has stifled revolutionary activity, reports North Press. 
Civil Activist: Security Grip Restricts Revolutionary Work in Syria’s Salamiyah

Jawad Haidar (a pseudonym), a civil activist from the city of Salamiyah in the Hama countryside in central Syria, said on Tuesday that the arrests of activists in Syria have not stopped over the last ten years, the latest round of which was during the 2020 protests in Suweida.

In a few days, the Syrian war will arrive in its first decade, and many Syrian provinces, cities, and towns took the form of a peaceful civil movement at the beginning of the war.

Haidar told North Press, “as the tenth anniversary of the Syrian revolution approaches, its people stress the need to not abandon it until its goals of freedom, justice, citizenship, and the overthrow of the regime [are achieved].”

He pointed out that in 2020, activists in Salamiyah removed the regime’s images and symbols from the city’s streets, and emphasized the continuity of the revolution by raising the flag of the Syrian revolution in the middle of it near the government palace building.

After that, Syrian government forces launched a massive campaign of arrests, affecting many dissidents and activists. “Today, the city suffers from the decline of revolutionary action due to the tight security grip,” Haidar said.

The work of the activists is limited to relief activity for the remaining displaced people from the villages and the neighboring countryside who reside within the city.


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