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Christian Groups Shame Religious Officials Over Assad’s Meeting With Syriac Youth

In a joint statement published by All4Syria, religious bodies condemn Syria's Christian leaders for encouraging children to support the Syrian president
Christian Groups Shame Religious Officials Over Assad’s Meeting With Syriac Youth

President Bashar al-Assad is proposing a homogenization of Syria that would make everyone a single color — a color submitting to his rule and the rule of his family, before him and after him and forever; a color of accepting humiliation and rejecting freedom; a color of identifying with the crimes, yellow for the color of the chemicals and black of the color of the human furnaces in the prisons; a color of hatred for the human right to justice and a dignified life.

This was clear in his speech to the Syriac youth, who had gone to meet a man accused of crimes against humanity, who went to speak with the president of a regime that has expelled hundreds of thousands of Syrians — including Syriac Syrians and others — far from their land through marginalization and oppression. Youth who went to be a false witness to the rehabilitation of a tyrant for a few more years with the misguided direction of some religious officials who have strayed from showing the truth and aiding the oppressed, as was taught by Christ, whose cross they carry superficially without depth, trying to guide the Christian youth to bleach pages stained with blood in order to dominate the church and increase influence.

Rather than emphasize that the Christian community in Syria is the pillar of diversity and the basis of consensus and patriotism, some want to market the idea of homogeneity under Assad’s banner — not land, or country, or living a dignified life in it.

We the undersigned condemn dragging the Syrian youth and smearing them with the stain of meeting with one who has killed a million people and attempts to exploit them and exploit Christian values and teachings, sacrificing the symbolism of Syriac history in Syria in order to support him and entrench his former influence, which is underpinned by oppression and corruption. We call on Patriarch Aphrem and other heads of the Christian sects to respect the religion and not to use it as a political tool to serve dictatorship and authority, and call on the Christian youth and Syrian youth to adhere to their humanitarian and national principles in the face of all this violence and wanton injustice, and not to accept aligning with oppression, the sons of man, the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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