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Campaign Launched for Assad Supporters

In the countdown to presidential elections, supporters of Bashar assad are beginning to campaign
Campaign Launched for Assad Supporters

With the countdown underway to the end of President Bashar Assad's current mandate in June 2014, and growing international diplomatic controversy about his fate, voices of support for Assad's nomination for a third term are beginning to grow louder.


Folk songs are being heard in Damascus calling for "Loving Assad", while a page on the social networking site Facebook has been dedicated to the launch of a campaign to supports his candidacy.


Songs can be heard throughout Damascus calling for Assad's leadership, especially in the neighborhoods of the capital under the control of regime's forces and wealthy suburbs such as Rawdah which surrounds the Presidential Palace and along the Mazzeh Highway.


Songs blast from cars patrolling downtown Damascus day and night, which is crowded with checkpoints.


One of the most popular songs is "Bashar, We Are Your Men" by singer Ammar al-Dik, the cousin of the popular Alawite singer Ali al-Dik, which dominated FM radio stations for more than two years. The refrain repeats: "Syrian, from your heart repeat: We want Assad Himself".


These songs are not usually broadcast on official radio and television. They are limited to private small radio stations, public transport buses and regime militia and security services cars, so that they fill the streets until the late hours of the night.


Other songs such as "Hand in Hand", which is less exaggerated in its glorification of Assad find their way on to official television. The lyrics, which are sung by a group of male and female singers of the new generation of folk artists, say: "All of Syria, from the south to the north, calls for its patron, Bashar, calls for its rider, Bashar".


A videoclip of the famous Damascene artist Rafiq al-Subaii (also known as Abu Sayah) in military fatigues has also emerged, praising Assad, saying: "We are your soldiers, we are your men, you are our hope, Bashar".


Simultaneously, a group named "The imprint of your youth, Assad" appeared with facebook pages dedicated to the launch of the campaign of "10 million supporters for the nomination of Bashar Assad for the presidential elections in 2014."


Invitations to support the nomination of Assad for elections came after his declarations in a number of meetings, television interviews and press conferences last month, saying his nomination for the elections will be based on the desires of the people.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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