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Calls for Conference on Transitional Phase in Syria

The conference is to be held inside Syrian territory in December
Calls for Conference on Transitional Phase in Syria

A group calling itself the 'National Initiative Commission' has issued a call to all political, revolutionary and social forces to hold a general conference to rework the transitional institution and give the international community a political solution based on the national agenda.


In a statement, the Commission said the conference will be held at the beginning of December inside Syrian territory, but that the exact time and place of the conference will be announced soon.


"We invite everyone, without exclusion, and all who will attend will respond to the call of the Syrian revolution and the Syrian people, and will work in their favor, based on a national agenda that is not loyal to anybody but Syria," the statement said.


The Commission will announce the working paper of the conference, based on the previous text of the Syrian National Initiative.


The organizing committees in the fourteen provinces will be determined and will announce the details of their communications.


The committees will be responsible for organizing the presence of the revolutionary forces wishing to participate. The details of communications with the organizing committees of the social, political and revolutionary forces abroad will be announced at a later date.



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