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“Butcher of Ghouta”: Death of Major General Ali Abbas Under Undisclosed Circumstances

Regime loyalists have described Abbas as "a prominent leader" who fought in numerous battles, Shaam Network reports.
“Butcher of Ghouta”: Death of Major General Ali Abbas Under Undisclosed Circumstances

According to reports from media sources closely associated with the regime’s militias, retired Major General Ali Ahmed Abbas passed away under mysterious circumstances at the age of 66. During his time leading military operations for the regime, particularly in Eastern Ghouta, the brigade he commanded is alleged to have committed numerous crimes. Despite this, he was hailed by loyalists as “the lion of Ghouta.”

The obituary announcing the passing of the militia leader stated that he passed away on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he was mourned in his hometown located in the countryside of the Jableh region of Latakia.

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Regime loyalists have described Abbas as “a prominent leader” who fought in numerous battles and attacks and sustained five injuries during his military career. One of his injuries caused a disability in his hand and face. Abbas began his military career as an officer in the Fourth Division before moving on to the Chemical Warfare Department. He retired from his position at the beginning of 2022.

Prior to his retirement, Abbas held several military positions within the Assad regime. He served as the director of the chemical warfare department and was the commander of the 28th Chemistry Regiment. Additionally, he held the position of commander of the chemistry battalion of the 38th Brigade of the Fourth Division, which is led by terrorist Maher al-Assad, the brother of the head of the Syrian regime.   

The details surrounding the death of the officer have not been disclosed, including the cause and place of his passing. This adds to the growing number of military figures in the Assad regime’s army and militias whose deaths have been announced under mysterious circumstances.

In a separate incident, one of the most prominent military figures in the regime’s militias, Youssef Badie Shaheen, was killed in the western countryside of Hama. Pro-Assad regime pages have been mourning the famous leader, who was the leader of the “Shawahin Group” within the 25th Division that was supported by the Russian occupation forces.


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