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Building the Syrian State Current Will Not Participate in Moscow II

BSS decides not to participate in Moscow meetings after travel ban prevents the attendance of organisation's leader
Building the Syrian State Current Will Not Participate in Moscow II

Building the Syrian State Current has said it would not participate in the Moscow II meeting held between April 6-9, in response to a travel ban on the bloc's leader, Louay Hussein, in spite of an official invitation by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In a statement, the party added that it hopes the meetings will lead to steps that will contribute to solving the Syrian crisis, also insisting “on the need to resolve the crisis politically through negotiation, and it will always be ready to participate in any political process that would contribute to solving the crisis".

The BSS denounced the travel ban on Hussein, claiming the ban is a pure legal action resulting from the independence of Syrian judiciary from any other executive power. "Everybody knows that this is not realistic and not true, thus the Current stresses the full responsibility of the Syrian authorities for not taking part in the Moscow meetings. The Current considers this travel ban a means to exclude it from playing a role in contributing to solving the Syrian crisis", the statement said.

The Current renewed its call on the Syrian political opposition forces "to take the initiative and start serious negotiations to form a national transitional authority that represents all Syrians, leads the transitional phase, forms a new constitution and conducts parliamentary and presidential free and democratic elections – as these steps will lead to the stabilization of the pillars of the state of justice, law and democracy, a state able to fight and eradicate terrorism".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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