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Brigadier Saket: Opposition Will Support Turkish Troops in Syria

Rebel group will cooperate with Turkish ground forces in the event of an offensive, says chairman
Brigadier Saket: Opposition Will Support Turkish Troops in Syria

Aleppo’s Military Council supports the Turkish strikes against the locations of the Islamic State (ISIS) and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) forces in northern Syria, said chairman Brigadier Zaher Al-Saket.

In a statement to al-Souria Net, Saket said the council will cooperate with Turkish troops on the ground, adding that the ground work against ISIS forces will be concentrated in ISIS-held areas.

Saket said the opposition factions in Aleppo are discussing who will replace ISIS, pointing out that the council will work to protect and provide services to civilians in those areas.

The brigadier said Ankara’s proposed ‘safe zone’ will ease the burden on Turkey, so Syrian refugees can move from inside Turkish territory to the safe areas where regime aircraft will be unable to target them.

Saket stressed that the military Council refuses the division of Syria, noting that the safe area would also stop "the PKK's project to establish a Kurdish entity in northern Syria".

The proposed safe area will be 90 km long and 40 km wide, stretching from Carchemish westward to Izaz, to include Minbij and al-Bab. ISIS has been known to use these areas to protect its strongholds in the region, due to their distance from regime-held and opposition-held areas.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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