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Boards Of 15 Charities Dissolved

Minister says the charities had not been operating appropriately
Boards Of 15 Charities Dissolved

The member of the Executive Office of Damascus province, along with the member of the Sub-Committee for Relief, Ammar Kalau has clarified reports that the Ministry of Social Affairs issued a resolution to dissolving the boards of 15 charities and that temporary boards have been appointed to complete their work.


Kalau said the charities had not been operating appropriately, especially regardingtheir role in the field of relief work, in terms of the distribution of humanitarian aid to the displaced people in the province of Damascus. He also said there were issues related to the travel of many of the members of the boards outside Syria.


The member of the Executive Office denied that the resolutions dissolving the boards of directors are linked to reasons affecting the integrity of their work, or to manipulation or trade in aid. He noted that the failure of these associations in their relief duty was part of the reason.


Kalau pointed out that 100 charities are working effectively on the ground, of which only 40 are engaged in relief work out of the 500 licensed societies.


"Only one society has been dissolved permanently and its license was cancelled in 2013," he said.


About six thousand displaced people receive full care and humanitarian relief  at 21 shelters in Damascus, a process fully supervised by the province of Damascus through the Sub-Committee for Relief.


Al-Iqtissadi recently published a report in which it disclosed that humanitarian aid that is supposed to reach the affected people is turned into goods sold in the shops of the capital Damascus at low prices to become the first goal for anyone seeking food markets where the humanitarian materials tops the list of purchases.


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