DISABLE_WP_CRON Badr Jamous Elected President of Syrian Negotiating Body to Succeed Anas al-Abda
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Badr Jamous Elected President of Syrian Negotiating Body to Succeed Anas al-Abda

Jamous defected from the Syrian regime when the uprising began, according to Syria TV.
Badr Jamous Elected President of Syrian Negotiating Body to Succeed Anas al-Abda

The Syrian opposition negotiating body has elected Badr Jamous, a member of the Syrian National Coalition’s political body, as the commission’s head for its next session. Jamous will succeed Anas al-Abda.

According to confidential sources, Jamous’ election came during a meeting of the Syrian negotiating body’s members, during which they discussed the work of opposition institutions and the election of a new president.

Badr Jamous

On May 27th, the Syrian National Coalition announced the selection of Jamous as the coalition’s candidate to head the Syrian Negotiating Committee to succeed Anas al-Abda. The decision was reached during a meeting of the political body attended by former negotiating body chairman Anas al-Abda and joint chairman of the Constitutional Committee Hadi al-Bahra.

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Jamous was born in the city of al-Tal in Rural Damascus in 1968. He holds a degree in dentistry from the Republic of Moldova. He later pursued his postgraduate studies in international relations. Jamous was appointed Honorary Consul of the Syrian Arab Republic for 10 years.

Jamous announced his defection from the Assad regime shortly after the start of the Syrian revolution and joined the ranks of opposition political forces. He participated in opposition conferences and the formation of opposition institutions, starting with the Antalya conference in Turkey.

Jamous participated in the consultative meeting under which the Syrian National Council was established, where he was elected as a member of the General Secretariat of the National Council and became director of its education office. He also co-founded the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, chaired its Higher Education Committee, and served as the coalition’s former secretary-general. After Salem al-Meslet was chosen as president of the coalition, Jamous was elected as a member of the coalition’s political body.


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