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Assad Visits Maaloula for Easter

President Assad inspected the destruction to theMonastery of Saints Sergius and Bacchus
Assad Visits Maaloula for Easter

President Bashar Assad wished a blessed Easter for all Syrians and the restoration of peace, security and amity to all Syria from the heart of Maaloula town in Damascus countryside on Sunday.


During a visit to Maaloula President Assad inspected the Monastery of Saints Sergius and Bacchus and checked the damage and destruction caused to the monastery by the terrorists.


After passing the eastern entrance and as he was inspecting Mar Thecla Monastery, President Assad said that no-one, no matter how they  terrorise, can erase the human and cultural history.


Maaloula will remain, along with other Syrian human and cultural landmarks, he said, "steadfast in the face of the obscurantism and barbarianism of all those who are targeting the homeland."


Passing through Ein al-Tineh village on his way back from Maaloula, President Assad applauded the village residents who gathered around him for their stand in defending their village and neighboring areas.


President Assad labeled the villagers’ stand as an “honorable” one that represents the Syrian society as a whole and the bright civilization of its people.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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