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Assad Ready to Respond to Serious Attack

Sources said that Yakhont and M-600 missiles are ready to be deployed
Assad Ready to Respond to Serious Attack

Source close to Syrian President Bashar Assad say war against Syria is now more than 50% likely.


"The decision to go to war was taken even before the announcement of the U.N. mission report on investigations in to the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta," one source said.


Sources close to Assad pointed out that "Orders have been given to the leadership of the Syrian military on how to respond to expected heavy raids and shelling."


The sources said that the Yakhont and M-600 missiles are ready and that satellites ensure Syria is ready to defend and confront any aggression.


The sources confirmed that the leadership of the Syrian Military recently abolished their traditional command and control organization and is depending on irregular forces with multiple centers of command and control.


In addition, the source said, strategic mobile storage facilities have been deployed, making an effective strike difficult in a single strike.


One source said they recognized that the losses resulting from any U.S.-British strike "will be high, of course – because those forces are not moving as part of just theater –  but their strikes aim to tip the balance."


One source said that "if there is a real strike on the regime, that will allow the opposition regain power and the regime in Syria will have no options but to respond in a way that makes the West and Israel feel that they started the war they cannot go back."


If Israel wants to respond to any Syrian strike, the source said, "The regime in Damascus will go further because it has nothing to lose. It will act on the basis that "If I'm drowning, why should I fear of getting wet?".


In a remarkable comment, the source said that if the western strike on Syria was local and didn’t aim to alter the balance of power, President Barack Obama will have to live up to its obligations. The response might ignite the region".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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