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Assad Meets Baath Party Leadership in South

Assad talks about need to bolster relations between party leaderships and bases
Assad Meets Baath Party Leadership in South

President Bashar Assad, Regional Secretary General of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, met with the party leaderships in Daraa, Sweida and Quneitra provinces on occasion of the 67th anniversary of the party foundation on Monday.


During the meeting, Assad said the Baath Party has been targeted by attempts to sully its image since the beginning of the crisis, but that this hasn't weakened it; rather it made it stronger as it constitutes an essential platform for national work.


President Assad said that Syria's southern provinces, other than being the natural incubator of the Baath Party, have formed, for decades, the first line of defense facing Israel, which explains the massive support provided by the Israeli enemy to terrorist groups that commit crimes against the people of these provinces and other Syrian citizens.


The President asserted that the Baath Party is an ideological party, which distinguishes it from other parties, adding that as long as it remains ideological, the future remains open to it on the condition that it continues to develop its performance both at the individual level and by devising policies and strategies as to protect the country.


Assad underscored the importance of continuing to bolster the national reconciliation process and that the Baath party plays a pivotal role in that.


"When we are strong inside, all that happens or is plotted abroad is meaningless," he said.


He stressed the need for citizens' concerns and issues to be at the forefront of the concerns of party members and for them to take initiative to ensure providing citizens' livelihood and need are met.


The President underlined the need to bolster relations between party leaderships and bases and establish clear mechanisms and standards to ensure that bases select their representatives in the People's Assembly and local administration councils.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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