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Assad Issues New Law on Consular Fees Abroad

SANA lays out the terms of new legislation setting the prices for certified documents
Assad Issues New Law on Consular Fees Abroad

President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued a law on setting consular fees outside Syria.

The new law sets the fees for procuring various consular documents as follows:

  • $25 — Transit passes; consular registration; consular accreditation; permits; and civil status documents (registry record, marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate).
  • $50 — Power of attorney document; fine for losing or damaging passport; residency certificate; reserve certificate; certificates for commercial purposes not involving funds; fine for delay in registering birth, death or marriage before the passing of a year; producing non-commercial documents in Syria upon request sent via diplomatic and consular missions abroad.
  • $100 — Power of attorney documents; certificates for commercial purposes involving funds; furniture transportation certificate; car transportation certificate; fine for delay in registering birth or death after the passing of a year.

The certificate of transporting the body of a deceased person is exempt from consular fees.

The fee for consular work related to commercial bills is set at 1.5 percent of the value of the bill, with the overall fee not less than $100 and not exceeding $5,000.

These fees are collected in U.S. dollars or their equal value in euros or local currencies of countries in which Syrian embassies and consulates operate.

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