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Assad Making Major Security Amendments. Who Makes Decisions in Syria?

Iran is behind the recent military adjustments in Syria by the regime, according to SY-24.
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Assad Making Major Security Amendments. Who Makes Decisions in Syria?

The Syrian regime has made a significant security adjustment among senior security figures, while activists have linked the matter to Iran, which is now infiltrating all economic, political, military, and social joints. 

According to similar sources, the regime appointed Major General Ali Mamlouk as its deputy for security and military affairs and appointed Major General Abdel Fattah Qudsiyeh in his place as head of the Office of National Security. 

The security changes follow Mamlouk’s return from a visit to Tehran a few days ago. 

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Political activist Mustafa al-Nuaimi told SY-24  that the coincidence of Mamlouk’s visit to Tehran and his appointment as deputy head of the Syrian regime confirms that “the regime in Syria is now directly affiliated to Tehran, due to repeated summonses of the leaders of the Syrian regime and its appointment of personalities having a similar opinion to the project of hegemony over the Arab region in general. Tehran now appoints the leaders of the divisions and gives them influence within the Syrian state in the light of the Fourth Division and the presence of the Iranian Quds Force and the Lebanese Hezbollah and their management of military operations, whether against the Syrian people or even in its expansion project in the southern region of Syria. The last of this project was two Iranian colonels killed near Damascus with an Israeli strike, four days ago.” 


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