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Asma Assad’s Family In London Under Attack

The family of Syrian president's wife, Asma Assad are living in fear and alienation in London
Asma Assad’s Family In London Under Attack

Demonstrations are being held daily in front of the family home. Asma's father, Fawaz Akhras, is obliged to enter the house from a rear door, while the mother avoided the last prayer of last Eid al-Fitr in the local mosque due to fear of harrassment.


Formerly Asma Akhras, the wife of Syrian president Bashar Assad, has raised many questions about the circumstances and position of her family.


Curiousity reached its peak when dozens of demonstrators arrived at the house of Fawaz Akhras and his wife, Sahar, who now watch the daily movements of the family, and prompted the doctor to hire private security guards for the house.


Akhras is now forced to access the house through a rear door in order to avoid any contact with the demonstrators and to escape the eyes of his neighbors, who have severed ties with the family.


Although the family do not live in syria and are not involved in the decision making process by Assad, a report by London's Daily Mail and republished by a Hebrew newspaper, confirmed that Assad's father-in-low has given him adviceabout how to cheat the western media and persuade the public that he is not responsible of bloodshed in his country.


The newspaper report added that Akhras suggested to Assad making a documentary and translating it into English to market internationally, showing that Syria is a victim of two powers; the terrorist organizations and the regional and international alliances who all want to destabilize Syria and replace the regime.


The British newspaper reported that Sahar Akhras said: "What God does to Syria now is in response to foreign plots against the regime. They have to pay for what they did."


The comments provoked anger among the Akhras' inner circle and prompted their neighbors and friends to abandon them.


The family house in Acton, once full of noise, joy and frequent visitors is now isolated. The garden fence is in ruins, while daily demonstrators throw sound bombs to distrub the doctor and his wife. There have also been attempts to storm and vandalize the house, but police have intervened.


Noneletheless, Akhras could not prevent crowds from hanging a white sign at the entrance of the house, on which was written: "The house of the bitch."


The four-bedroom house has no Mediterranean features, except a palm tree and a huge satellite dish to receive Arabic media broadcasts about what is going on in Syria.


Despite being in a quiet neighborhood, the Akhras family cannot have a silent moment, and from time to time, glass shatters after a stone is thrown by demonstrators through a window.


The state of tension is not just inside the house, but also around it. Whenever Sahar Akhras appears, she is cursed.


One of her neighbors told the Daily Mail: "I turn a blind when I see Fawaz and his wife Sahar if I meet them accidentally in the street or somewhere else".


Malek Abdeh, a Syrian opposition journalist, whose parents live in a house facing the Akhras family home,told the Daily Mail: "People mock Fawaz and his wife wherever they go, because everybody knows that they are partners with Assad. It is normal that people should treat them that way when they see Syrian houses being burnt and tortured, or when they see the daily massacres being committed against children, women and elderly people,"


The British newspaper reported that the Akhras family have recently installed cameras in front of their house to identify any unusual activity outside the home. They used to call the police to disperse the daily demonstrations around their house and neighbors have confirmed that the couple have hired private security guards to protect the house from any attack.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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