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Asked Him for a Cigarette Before Stabbing Him: Syrian Refugee Killed by Turkish Man in Izmir

Turkey might be actively working to gradually eliminate the presence of Syrian refugees, Orient Net writes.
Asked Him for a Cigarette Before Stabbing Him: Syrian Refugee Killed by Turkish Man in Izmir

A tragic incident unfolded in the western Turkish city of Izmir, where a young Syrian refugee lost his life due to multiple stab wounds inflicted by a young Turkish man. The incident occurred a few days ago in Izmir and came to light through the efforts of human rights activist Taha al-Ghazi. He shared the heartbreaking news on his Facebook page, accompanied by a poignant photo of the Syrian youth and a video capturing the immediate aftermath of the stabbing.

He was stabbed because of a cigarette. 

Ghazi provided details surrounding the tragic demise of the Syrian young man, Ibrahim Deli Hassan. His family confirmed his passing after he spent several days in the intensive care unit of an Izmir hospital following a vicious stabbing by a Turkish youth.

The brother of the deceased shared a harrowing account, stating that on the previous Saturday, Ibrahim (22 years old) and his friend were shopping in Izmir’s Sanjak neighborhood during the early evening hours, around seven o’clock. Two Turkish young men approached Ibrahim, with one of them requesting a cigarette. Ibrahim, a non-smoker, politely declined, but this interaction took a horrifying turn. The young Turkish man proceeded to viciously stab Ibrahim multiple times in different parts of his body. Ibrahim was rushed to a government hospital by ambulance and placed under intensive medical care for several days. Despite the diligent medical attention, he succumbed to his injuries.

Izmir: Three Syrian Women Insulted, Beaten Inside a Bus

According to Ghazi, law enforcement authorities swiftly apprehended the perpetrator and initiated legal proceedings to determine the motives and circumstances surrounding this heinous crime. Ghazi also mentioned his collaboration with various human rights advocates within the Turkish Bar Association in Izmir, aiming to offer comprehensive legal support to Ibrahim’s grieving family and to monitor the case’s progress through the judicial system.

In another distressing incident that occurred recently, several Syrian refugee women, along with their children, faced verbal and physical assaults while on a public bus in Izmir. They were subsequently forced off the bus following a barrage of curses and abuses directed at them.

Racism and hate speech worsen 

In an article featured on Orient Net, Syrian lawyer and dedicated human rights advocate Ghazwan Qoronfol sheds light on the distressing reality that Syrians in Turkey face on a daily basis. He points out that scarcely a day goes by without some Syrians experiencing verbal or physical assaults driven by racist motives.

Qoronfol underscores a troubling transformation in Turkey, where hate speech against Syrians and Arabs has evolved from mere rhetoric spouted by a minority of racists to becoming an alarming aspect of societal behavior, practiced by a segment of Turkish society that is no longer negligible. This behaviour has escalated into acts of aggression and physical attacks, tragically resulting in the loss of lives in some cases.

Qoronfol raises a critical concern by criticizing the apparent reluctance of Turkish authorities to address these acts through legal means. He suggests that this reluctance may reflect a broader agenda, indicating that Turkey might be actively working to gradually eliminate the presence of Syrian refugees and permanently close this chapter.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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