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Armenian Ambassador Commends Syria for Embracing Survivors of Genocide

Armenia's top envoy to Syria says Ottoman genocide of around 1.5 million people continues to leave destructive cultural impact on generation after generation of Armenians
Armenian Ambassador Commends Syria for Embracing Survivors of Genocide

Armenia’s ambassador to Syria, Arshak Poladian, has warned against the dangers of the unjust project which began over a century ago by Ottoman forces, who sought to obliterate the historical, civilizational, geographical and humanitarian roots of the Armenian people.

Participating in a symposium held Sunday under the title “Lights on the History of the Armenian Issue,” Ambassador Arshak said that the genocide committed by the Ottomans against the Armenians is an obnoxious crime and an act of terrorism against people inside their homeland.

Arshak reiterated that despite Turkey’s attempts, the tragedy, in which about 1.5 million Armenian people were killed between 1915 and 1923, continues to impact one generation after another, leaving a destructive cultural and moral effect on all Armenians.

He said that Syria has been a sanctuary for the Armenian people during this difficult time, as the country embraced many survivors, providing them with safety, security and a decent life, adding that over the years, Armenians have blended into the mosaic of the Syrian society.

The ambassador concluded by thanking and expressing deep gratitude towards the Syrian people, adding that he wished for the return of security and stability to Syria and its people as they overcome the crisis.

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