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Are There Any Prospects For a Political Solution in Syria?

Any plan should take into account the geopolitical position of Syria and competing interests of stakeholders
Are There Any Prospects For a Political Solution in Syria?

Is there a real possibility for a political solution to stabilize and unite Syria? What are the conditions for this solution? And which of the Syrian parties  can accomplish this solution?


What is the role of the regional powers that became the decision-makers on behalf of the regime, providing it with political and military support? What is the role of the regional powers that became the decision-makers on behalf of the institutions of the opposition, imposed as representatives of the Syrian people, despite the fact that they know its limited influence over the military forces fighting the regime?


The main agents for any political solution is the popular will of the majority of Syrians. That will is still available if a solution was provided that could meet the aspirations of the majority. These aspirations are now limited to three basic things.


The first is to restore security and stability, and provide decent living conditions without homelessness and displacement. People  need an atmosphere of safety that is not dominated by the security agencies which have turned their lives into a state of constant fear, even before the revolution, with their brutality and lack of respect for any custom or law.


The second is to reassure them that the alternative to the regime is not the knives and swords of Al-Qaeda'a Baghdadi and Zawahri, but a modern state governed by law and respects religious freedom and the nationalistic and cultural rights of all Syrians without discrimination.


The third is to ensure that any kind of tyranny will not return to control their lives and those of future generations. This insurance will be preserved under a constitution that neutralizes the state towards religion, sects and ethnicity and makes Syria a state of citizenship, where all are equal in rights and duties, regardless of their religious beliefs or national and ethnic affiliations.


These three principals are the foundations for stability and prosperity for societies that contain nationally and culturally diverse communities such as Syria.


However, the main obstacle to such a solution does not lie in the absence of popular will. In my view, if there was a possibility to gauge the Syrian public opinion, this proposal would gain the approval of the vast majority of Syrians, whether they were supporters of the revolution, hesitant about it or even supporters of the regime for fear of worse alternatives.


Those who would reject the proposal are only a minority that survives on regime's repression and fear. This minority is represented in the economic and security mafia of the Assad family. Another small minority among the opposition also benefit from the continuation of the tragedy would reject the proposal as well.


But are there political structures or independent national figures among the revolution forces able to develop a detailed plan for such a solution without reference to any other third parties? If there are such structures or figures, they should take the initiative, and if there aren't, they must be found.


I am confident that if we could develop such a creative vision, and that many of the silent forces and figures will move to the middle of the road to meet this proposal.


With regard to the effective international and regional powers, they will adopt contradictory positions towards this solution, with each acting according to his interests and his plan to take advantage of the Syrian tragedy. But the Syrian people's insistence and the Syrian public opinion will ensure the neutrality of the Syrian state which will not enter into regional or international alliances, and might help these powers to cooperate, especially if they felt that the institutions they dominate have become popularly isolated, and unable to continue to serve their interests and fight on their behalf.


Any plan should take into account the geopolitical position of Syria and the competing interests of the regional and international stakeholders.


The plan should provide them with creative solutions based on the mutual interests of everyone, but the development and unity of Syria's land and people, its territorial integrity and international borders should be the basis for any solution.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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