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Arab League Condemns Military Academy Attack… Ignores Idleb Massacres

Statement by the Arab League appears to echo the narrative of the Assad regime, according to al-Souria Net.
Arab League Condemns Military Academy Attack… Ignores Idleb Massacres

The Arab League has condemned the recent attack on the Military Academy in Homs, denouncing it as a “disgraceful act of terrorism.” However, it has refrained from commenting on the escalating actions of the Assad regime in Idleb, which have resulted in the deaths of numerous civilians in recent hours.

In a statement released on Friday, the university stated that the attack on the military academy represents a blatant violation of Syria’s stability. The statement also conveyed the sincere condolences and sympathy of the General Secretariat of the Arab League to the families of the victims, along with wishes for a swift recovery for the injured. The Arab League emphasized the importance of continuing all efforts aimed at eradicating terrorism in all its forms.

Tragedy Strikes as Syrian Regime Bombs Idleb, Claiming Young Girl’s Life

It is important to note that the previous statement appears to echo the narrative of the Assad regime, which seeks to justify its attacks on Idleb as a response to the military academy attack.

Since Thursday, Assad’s forces and their allied militias have intensified their bombardment of villages and towns in Idleb and rural Aleppo, resulting in civilian casualties, including women and children. According to the White Helmets, the shelling by the Assad regime has led to seven deaths, including four children, and ten injuries, including children and women. The affected areas include the city of Idleb, the city of Atarib in the western countryside of Aleppo, and the village of Kafrlata in the southern countryside of Idleb. The White Helmets also reported that Russian warplanes carried out airstrikes near the village of Basnqul in the western countryside of Idleb without causing casualties on Saturday morning. Additionally, rocket and artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces targeted cities, villages, and towns such as Sarmin, Jericho, Dana, and Termanin in rural Idleb.

The Arab League reinstated Syria’s seat to the Assad regime in May and extended an invitation to President Bashar al-Assad to attend the Arab summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This step was taken as part of a gradual approach to reestablish relations with Assad, with a focus on addressing three main issues: halting drug trafficking, facilitating the return of refugees, and advancing the paths toward a political solution in accordance with UN Resolution 2254. However, since Syria’s return to the Arab League, the Assad regime has shown limited progress on these three fronts, and reports from Arab and Saudi media suggest that Assad has not fully adhered to the provisions of the Arab Initiative, which is based on a “step-for-step” approach.


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