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Anti-Assad Demonstrations Rage in Idleb

Hundreds of Idleb residents have joined protests demanding the right to return to their cities and villages, according to Baladi News.
Anti-Assad Demonstrations Rage in Idleb

On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people took to the streets, in a massive demonstration in the center of Idleb, to demand a safe return to their cities and villages, from which the regime forces and Russia had expelled them during their military campaigns that targeted the areas.

In an exclusive statement to Baladi News, a member of the popular movement of the Syrian revolution, Mohieddine al-Asaad, said, “we organized a mass popular demonstration at the Sabeh Bahrat roundabout in the center of Idleb, on Sunday afternoon, in which hundreds of civilians — both local and displaced residents — participated under the slogan of safe return to our homelands, free from the Assad gang.”

Asaad clarified that during the demonstration, the demonstrators held banners calling for a safe return to their homes without the rule of the regime forces, Russia or Iran, and under international protection. They also demanded for the trial of Assad and the key members of his regime, the rejection of Assad’s presidential candidacy, and a demand for his departure and those who supported him from both the Russian and Iranian forces, which committed massacres against the Syrian people. 

Hassan Khattab, who was displaced from the city of Saraqib and participated in the demonstration, said that the Syrian revolution will not kneel no matter what, calling on the whole world to expel Russia, Iran, and the regime’s militias from the cities and villages that they occupied during their military campaigns in the region. He appealed to the UN Security Council to prosecute Assad for war crimes committed against the Syrian people during the years of the Syrian revolution, calling on it to enable the return of the displaced to their homes under international protection and without the rule of the Assad regime, Iran or Russia. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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