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American Senator Reaches Out to Sheikh al-Hijri in Suweida

Hill had visited northern regions of Syria, leading an American delegation on a quick visit, Athr Press reports.
American Senator Reaches Out to Sheikh al-Hijri in Suweida

The contact that transpired between US Senator French Hill and Sheikh Hikmat al-Hijri, a prominent figure in the Druze community, marked a pivotal moment in the Suweida events. This interaction garnered significant attention within Arab analytical circles, even though the announcement of the call was made by the Syrian activist and opposition writer, Maher Sharaf al-Din, without providing details about the conversation between Senator Hill and Sheikh Hijri.

Several weeks prior to this communication, Senator Hill had visited northern regions of Syria, leading an American delegation on a lightning visit. Following this trip, he was quoted by The Washington Post as stating, “My visit to Syria, along with other trips to regional capitals in the past few months, including Baghdad and Riyadh, helps me think about the right questions to ask and the proper approach to addressing the conflict.”

Protests Enter Fourth Week

In this context, The New Arab newspaper published a report detailing Senator Hill’s recent involvement in US actions concerning Syria. The newspaper cited a Syrian journalist residing in the United States who described Hill as a respected figure in both the Republican and Democratic parties. President Joe Biden had chosen him a few days prior to representing the US House of Representatives in United Nations meetings in New York. The journalist emphasized Senator Hill’s keen interest in the events unfolding in Suweida as a significant indicator.

The journalist remarked, “This call signifies that the revolutionary movement in Suweida has now entered the realm of American attention and policy in Syria.”

In a similar vein, the Saudi newspaper Okaz characterized Senator Hill’s call as a “landmark development in the American stance towards the Suweida protests.” The newspaper also noted that “American political and military activities in Syria suggest a notable shift in US policy, despite the continuation of US sanctions against the Syrian government and the insistence on not normalizing relations without corresponding measures from Damascus.”

Furthermore, Okaz highlighted British and American support for the Suweida demonstrations, indicating a Western consensus on the importance of sustaining these protests to exert pressure on the Syrian government, potentially leading to political and security concessions from the southern front.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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