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Aleppo Families Evacuated Over Fears of Collapsing Buildings

As many as 4,000 families are being evacuated, following the collapse of a building in Aleppo that killed 11 people writes Alsouria Net.
Aleppo Families Evacuated Over Fears of Collapsing Buildings

The Aleppo Governorate evacuated the residents living in thousands buildings in the city, many of them likely to collapse, after a building collapse killed civilians and sowed major concerns among residents who fear similar incidents. It is thought that as many as 10,000 buildings are unsafe for people to live in.

The governorate decided to transfer 4,000 families living in the eastern district of the city, saying that they would be moved to “alternative housing” while their homes were repaired or those which could not be repaired were demolished.

The decision came after a building collapse in the Salaheddin district on Saturday, killing 11 people, requiring a study into the reasons for the collapse and the formation of committees to address the issue.

The Governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diab, said that primary information indicated that more than 4,000 families needed to be evacuated from districts whose buildings were nearly destroyed.

The buildings likely to collapse are in the eastern district of Aleppo, which was besieged by the Assad regime and bombarded heavily with Russian assistance. In addition, the area saw heavy fighting between opposition fighters and regime forces, which ended in 2016 with the departure of the opposition and the entry of the regime.

Aleppo has recently seen the collapse of many damaged buildings, claiming dozens of lives, most of them women and children, which has put relevant agencies on alert to resolve the major problem that threatens residents.

Most districts of eastern Aleppo are suffering, whether in the service sector, the delay of the removal of rubble, securing electricity and water or repairing basic facilities, which has put major hardships on people who have returned to their homes despite the situation.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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