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After the Regime’s Precautionary Measures, a Bread Prices Rise on Aleppo’s Black Market

The prices of bread has witnessed a dramatic rise, as Syrian are prevented from gathering at bakeries to stop the spread of coronavirus reports Brocar Press.
After the Regime’s Precautionary Measures, a Bread Prices Rise on Aleppo’s Black Market

After an increase in demand in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria, the price of a loaf of bread on the black market has risen. This comes in light of the unprecedented crowds that gathered to obtain bread since the Syrian regime took preventative measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), including transferring bread sales from bakeries to touring cars to prevent crowding at the bakeries.

The price of a loaf of bread was recorded at 50 Syrian pounds in the stalls and areas around the bakeries. The regime’s Al-Watan website said that bread sellers in the university dormitory street facing the university city in the al-Furqan district were, “selling a packet of bread with four loaves for 200 pounds, while the price of a six-loaf pack near the vegetable market in the al-Azmiyeh district at the Architecture Faculty Roundabout had risen to 300 pounds, and an al-Razi bakery packet of 10 loaves to 500 pounds.”

A few days ago, a video recording emerged showing dozens of Syrians chasing behind a bread distribution car in Aleppo. Other photos showed lines in the city forming to get bread, which sparked discontent and sadness among Syrians who considered them to be painful scenes.

The Syrian regime decided to close bakeries and to deliver bread to citizens in their places of residence in order to avoid gatherings at the bakeries, as a measure to protect against the coronavirus, according to the cabinet website on Tuesday.


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