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After Drugs, Jordan Faces Arms Smuggling Coming from Syria

Jordan said it thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons and ammunition from Syria, according to al-Souria Net.
After Drugs, Jordan Faces Arms Smuggling Coming from Syria

Jordanian authorities have said they are thwarting the smuggling of weapons and ammunition on its northern border with Syria, after repeatedly denouncing the smuggling of narcotics from Syria as well.

The Jordanian Armed Forces said in a statement on Tuesday that they seized a number of weapons and ammunition in the northern military area while there were attempts at smuggling them from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory, at dawn.

“The rules of engagement were applied to one of the facades of the northern military zone at dawn on Tuesday, injuring one infiltrator and seizing others in possession of a number of weapons and ammunition. The infiltrators and seized items were transferred to the competent authorities,” it said.

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The armed forces published pictures of weapons, including 30 rifles and pistols, as well as live ammunition. It added that “with all force and determination to protect the border and prevent any infiltration or attempted smuggling and anyone who tries to tamper with Jordan’s national security.”

This comes days after Jordan’s King Abdullah II predicted an “escalation of problems” on his country’s border with Syria, due to increased Iranian influence and a declining Russian presence.


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