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Activists Monitor Regime’s Aviation Movements

The activists use radio scanners to catch airport radio signals
Activists Monitor Regime’s Aviation Movements


Using just simple equipment, a group of Syrian activist from Hama is trying to protect their people through monitoring regime jet fighter movements.

Hiding near an important military airport near Hama, one activist warns his group each time he sees or hears a jet, using a device that intercepts communications between the pilot and the control tower.


The activists use radio scanners to catch airport radio signals, which is used by the airport to communicate with helicopters and jet fighters.


Monitoring tools are wireless devices usually used by militants to communicate with each other, "gripes", and radios to monitor the signals coming from regime’s communications, binoculars, and generators.


55 military aircraft and helicopters sorties for the Syrian regime have been monitored in one day, coming out of four military airports to bomb Syrian cities.


The “Unified Observatory in Northern countryside of Hama", a group of young people gathered in a voluntary move and made a Facebook page to submit their daily detailed reports of regime’s aviation movements over the Syrian cities and towns.


Monitoring operations continue around the clock in shifts distributed to several people, each of them has a specific period, according to Syrian Revolution General Commission.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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