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Activists Accuse SOHR of Bias

Activists in Qalamoun question the credibility of the Observatory's sources
Activists Accuse SOHR of Bias

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has prompted outrage amongst the Syrian opposition through distorting facts and pro-Assad bias, activists said.


Recent news released by Observatory director Rami Abdul Rahman, who runs the organization alone, said that the Syrian army had ambushed Islamist fighters in the Qalamoun mountains north of the capital Damascus on Friday, leaving as many as 60 people dead.


Rebel sources however confirmed that most of the victims were civilians from Nabuk who were fleeing battles in their city, only to be ambushed near al-Qaser, with landmines planted on the road.


Activist Tim al-Qalamouni said the attack didn’t happen between the Christian town of Maaloula and the town of Yabroud, as the Observatory claimed.


Qalamouni questioned the Observatory about the credibility of its sources, which he said frequently distort the truth.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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